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CrazyBlog Demos

Each of the 9+ demos has a unique layout, design and features corresponding to the specific niche of magazine and blog it has been reserved for. Similarly, each demo has a set of uniquely designed inner pages. The Visual Composer powerful page builder plugin allows you to create a fresh homepage by picking features from different pages and arranging them on new layout through drags and drops.

Pages for different purposes follow unique design.

Pre-coded Inner Pages of CrazyBlog

You need single pages for managing blog articles, news, categories, galleries, upcoming events, About Us info, contact form, team, products and upcoming events. Each of these page types should have a different layout with a specialized set of features. The development of dozens of CrazyBlog inner pages follows the same approach. At the same time, you have all the stuff (widgets, elements, shortcodes) and tools (page builder) to customize existing pages or create new ones.

Create blog in 50+ different ways!

Buy CrazyBlog

With CrazyBlog, you can quickly set up a modernized blog website and start earning money through AdSense or an affiliate business. All the homepages on different demos as well as inner pages are fully optimized for placing responsive ads. Just like individual sections and widgets all the ads areas get automatically readjusted on changing screen dimensions.

Make your blog best featured & best working.

CrazyBlog Features

CrazyBlog backend panel has countless custom options for the creation and customization of new layouts with the help of Visual Composer premium page builder. Also you can enable/disable different features and functionalities with the help of hundreds of on/off switches. As the theme is WooCommerce ready, you can build a shop and accept payments online.

Bootstrap Framework

Advanced bootstrap framework renders your site full-scale mobile-first behavior. It’s feature-rich with alerts, dropdowns and nav bars.

All-Rounder Responsiveness

Literally, responsiveness is the matter of life and death for your website. CrazyBlog’s 12-grid based layout gives complete responsiveness on all devices.

Excellent Ad Optimization

Fully responsive ads can be placed at several important locations, including header, footer, article top, article bottom and article inline position.

Diverse Shop Settings

Personalize the look & feel of your ecommerce shop. Choose a full-width or sidebar layout, choose number of columns or just switch on Apple Masonry style.

650+ Google Fonts

Increase visibility & readability of content against the given background by using a suitable font from 650+ Google Fonts and hundreds of custom fonts.

Posts Social Share

Social media can give you more traffic than search engines. Posts are well integrated with social buttons. Enable or disable any social media from backend.

Enable/Disable All the Elements

Use on/off switches to enable/disable hundreds of features and functionalities like RTL, Sticky Header, Sticky Sidebar, Boxed Layout, Social Media, etc.

Typography Options

Style the heading and body fonts that suit the look & design of your website. You can use a unique size, height and color for H1, H2 … H6 heading font.

Unlimited Color Options

You need an engaging color scheme to grab viewers’ attention. Define it yourself from the dropdown based Color Picker plugin at backend.

WooCommerce Ready

With WooCommerce ready CrazyBlog WordPress theme, you can build an online shop within minutes and start accepting payments online.

SEO Optimized

People spend hundreds of dollars for SEO of their blog. CrazyBlog is fully search engine optimized with best visibility on all search engines.

404 Page

404 Page is fully customizable. You can add title, background image and description. Here you can show or hid “Contact Us” button.

Minimalism at the Peak

Minimalist means lightweight. Lightweight means fast loading. Fast loading means search engine and user friendly. Minimalist is at peak in CrazyBlog.

Sticky Menu

Sticky menu makes navigation quick and easier. Each of the 5+ headers of CrazyBlog can be made sticky or non-sticky at any time through on/off switch.

Detailed Documentation

Detailed documentation guides through visuals & step by step procedure. Even then if you need help, contact customer support for quick response.

Boxed / Wide Layout Option

While wide layout increases content area, boxed version adds to the beauty of page. You can apply a beautiful pattern or image on the boxed layout.

Pre Sale Questions

For Post Sale Help

We’re regular in updates & provide 24/7 customer support.

Why Our Clients Love Us?

Webinane products are WooCommerce ready and fully ad optimized. For example, after building your modern blog with CrazyBlog, you can start earning money through AdSense and an online shop at the same time. Meanwhile, there are options to control (enable/disable) these ads on different screens and displays, like desktop, tablet landscape, tablet portrait and phone. Another reason why clients love Webinane is regular updates and timely, solution-based response of Customer Support Staff.

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