Top 20 Reasons Why Do I Need a Payment Gateway

Top 20 Reasons Why Do I Need a Payment Gateway for Charity Organization For Collecting Donations for A Nonprofit Organization, You Need a Payment Gateway That Works in Your Country, Let’s Read in Detail! Twitter Youtube Updated On As a middleman between you and your customer/donor, a payment gateway securely performs various complicated operations in […]

What Is a Payment Gateway and How It Works?

What is Payment Gateway and How It Works to Collect Donation Online? Twitter Youtube Updated On Simply put, a payment gateway is a middleman between the merchant and customer to securely transfer payment data. To understand what is a payment gateway and how it works, just suppose: You’re running an eCommerce store or a nonprofit […]

Lifeline Donations – An Alternative to Charitable

Lifeline Donation Pro – A Better Alternative to Charitable WP Plugin Lifeline Donation Pro Costs You Low Prices and Gives More Features Twitter Youtube Updated On Looking for a better alternative to Charitable donation plugin in terms of both price and performance? It’s FREE, COMPLETE, & INDEPENDENT in working. With FREE mandatory and additional features, […]

7 Easy Steps to Self-create a Charity Website in Nigeria

Twitter Youtube Updated On Besides 7 easy steps to create a charity website in Nigeria, you’ll learn 4 must-dos before you start building a nonprofit website. 4 Must-dos Before You Create a Charity Website in Nigeria 1. Define Mission – Why & How Your Charity Exists 2. Identify Your Target Audience 3. Get Incorporated for […]

Make a Charity Website Step by Step Guide in India

Updated On Want to raise funds online for over 70 million Indians living in extreme poverty, preserve wildlife, advance arts, sports, education, etc.? Here’s an easy 7-step guide to make a charity website in India. This post covers the following topics: 7 easy steps to build a charity website in India Simplified 4-step procedure to […]

Up coming Lifeline version 7.0

New Lifeline 2023 Built With Elementor Page Builder & Lifeline Donation Pro Plugin Lifeline WordPress Theme 2023 to Get Online Donations for Your Charity Organization Twitter Youtube Updated On We are announcing to Upcoming a new version 7.0 If you are existing customer using version 6.2, all data will be lost. If you update it […]

7 Ways Lifeline Donations is a Better Alternative to GiveWP

Twitter Youtube Updated On Did you know, GiveWP has a more powerful rival in terms of both price and performance? Read 7 reasons why Lifeline Donations is a better alternative to GiveWP. While GiveWP is hailed as one of the best plugins for a charity website, you might find Lifeline Donations a better alternative. Read […]

7 Easy Steps to Build a Charity Website from Scratch in USA

Twitter Youtube Twitter Youtube Updated On A good name, a great charity website, and tax-exempt status are the top 3 tips to boost donations for your nonprofit in the USA. Know the 7 secrets to build a charity website? In addition to being tax-free, a qualified IRC 501 (c) (3) charity will attract more donors […]

Lifeline2 launch of new version 5

Updated On We are announcing to launch a new version Don’t update to v5 if you are existing customer using version 4, all data will be lost. Lifeline2 Major Update v5 Core Features Plus Dos and Don’ts Here’s what you must know about version 5 of Lifeline2, an ultimate nonprofit WordPress theme for charity, fundraising, […]

How to Design WordPress Theme To Sell Online

Updated On Owing to the popularity and increased demand for WP templates, the individuals having recently joined the field of web development are curious about knowing how to design a WordPress theme.To put in a few words, designing the best WP themes requires a lot of research, care and expertise on the part of the […]