7 Ways Lifeline Donations is a Better Alternative to GiveWP

7 Ways Lifeline Donations is a Better Alternative to GiveWP

Did you know,

GiveWP has a more powerful rival in terms of both price and performance?

Read 7 reasons why Lifeline Donations is a better alternative to GiveWP. While GiveWP is hailed as one of the best plugins for a charity website, you might find Lifeline Donations a better alternative.

Read on to discover why.

Local currencies, preferred payment options, and flexible frequency/amount for recurring donations are top-end donor-oriented features to boost fundraising. Lifeline Donations goes far beyond offering these facilities to donors. Similarly, it brings in a huge number of functionalities and structural variants for the charitable organizations to cash in on.

The list of 7 reasons why Lifeline Donations fundraising plugin is a better alternative to GiveWP.

1. Literally Free, No Subscription Required

While GiveWP requires you to subscribe to their Basic, Plus, or Pro plans that range in price from about $200 to over $400, Lifeline Donations does not impose any such restrictions.

It’s free, literally!

Just download it from WordPress.org, integrate into your charity website or install on a compatible nonprofit WordPress theme, and start collecting one-off or recurring donations

PayPal Standard (version) is integrated into the plugin as a free payment gateway. Using this payment processor, you can collect funds from any part of the world.

2. Free Recurring Donation Facility – Save $197 to $347!.

FREE, flexible recurring donations facility is the second most important feature that adds to the worth of Lifeline Donations as a better alternative to GiveWP.

On the other hand, GiveWP asks you to get a separate extension to install a recurring donations system on your charity website. And the extension costs $197 (for a single site) to $347 (for 15 sites).

3. Free Currency Selector – Save $97 to $197!

Donors usually love to donate in their local currency. Using this feature, you can reduce abandoned donations and increase overall fundraising. At the backend of Lifeline Donations fundraising platform, admins can choose which currencies they want to show on the donation form (at the frontend).

On the other hand, GiveWP charges you from $97 (single site license) to $197 (15 sites) for the provision of a currency switcher option.


It all depends on the payment gateway/s which currencies they support for donation processing. If the processor you are using does not support multiple currencies, the transaction will be processed in the given currency only.

Still, you can display (as a dropdown) several currencies for the contributors to choose from, but it might involve currency conversion charges. So, the charities usually show/allow only those currencies as offered by their payment gateway.

4. 15+ Payment Gateway Extensions Available – 50+ in the Pipeline

Lifeline Donations is exclusively offering the world’s top 15+ payment gateways as extensions from PayPal to QuickPay to Yandex.

GiveWP does not offer the payment gateways like Amazon Pay, BluePay, Stripe with IDeal, Yandex, Paymaster24, PayStack, Conekta, QuickPay, and CardCom.

Depending on your target audience, you can choose one or more payment gateways and use them on your charity website.

5. Pre-integrated into the Bestseller Fundraising WordPress Themes

While GiveWP donations plugin requires you to manually integrate it into your charity WordPress website or theme, Lifeline Donations saves you from such a hassle.

That is, it (Lifeline Donation) is pre-integrated into some of the world’s best fundraising/NGO/charity, and church/religious WordPress themes, like Lifeline2.

Other compatible themes include Actavista (a political WordPress theme) and Deeds2 (religion and church WP them).

6. Several Local/Preferred Payment Options for Each Donor

Providing each donor with their preferred payment options can prove to be a powerful factor to increase conversion and boost up (rather multiply) fundraising. You can do so by availing a huge list of payment gateways compatible with Lifeline Donations.

The PayPal Payments Standard (version) integrated into the free donation plugin (Lifeline Donations) allows you to collect funds through credit or debit cards from any part of the world.

And if you go for compatible extensions like 2Checkout and PayU, they offer 45+ and 250+ localized payment options, respectively, for the donors.

7. Lots of Premium Widgets/Shortcodes for Free – Editable with WPBakery and Elementor

Offered for free, there are lots of premium widgets and shortcodes in the Lifeline Donations plugin.

And you can easily customize, personalize them with the world’s best page builder tools – WP Bakery (Visual Composer) and Elementor.

Lifeline Donations Shortcodes

Lifeline Donations Widgets


Although it might be lacking on certain fronts, nonprofits will find Lifeline Donations online donation collection system both better and more economical than GiveWP in many ways. You can also compare it with other alternatives to feel the difference.