Lifeline2 launch of new version 5

Lifeline2 launch of new version 5

We are announcing to launch a new version

Don't update to v5 if you are existing customer using version 4, all data will be lost.

Lifeline2 Major Update v5 Core Features Plus Dos and Don’ts

Here’s what you must know about version 5 of Lifeline2, an ultimate nonprofit WordPress theme for charity, fundraising, and NGO organizations.

Lifeline2 v5 Core Features:

In the latest major update, v5 we’ve introduced several big improvements including:

Webinane Commerce: An open-source, developer-friendly plugin, Webinane Commerce brings in a fully managed system for shopping and donations.

Its interactive layout is backed up by powerful, quick operations and endless customization possibilities.

Using dozens of hooks (actions and filters), developers can easily create extensions for additional functionalities and sell them.

Webinane Donations: A complete and flexible donations management system, Webinane Donations helps you collect donations from around the world while facilitating the donors in the utmost possible way.

Update Installation – Dos and Don’ts

Create Backup:

Before you update your Lifeline2 charity WP theme to version 5, don’t forget to create a backup of your:

How to Get Payment Gateway Extensions:

Once you update your Lifeline2 NGO WordPress theme to the latest version 5, your website will be left with no payment gateways.

You can contact Webinane Customer Support to get a Payment Gateway Extension for one or more of the payment gateways supported with Lifeline2.

We’ll provide you with the required extension, which you can quickly install and integrate into your theme.

Why version 5 is different from Version 4 Important Note!

We launched Lifeline2 in 2016, it was developed in Bootstrap 3 and Php 5.3.We got success and moved on to improve it and remove its bugs.After countless versions we introduced Version 4 but soon after launching this version we started feeling that we can't improve it further.It was nearly impossible to introduce new Demos, It became difficult to improve the design because the design was very old.

For this reason we decided to introduce a new version which has all the new things, new backend structure, new demos, new bootstrap, new shortcodes for WPBakery page builder, new Donation plugin which is faster and secure.We have worked very hard and very long to introduce the new version.

It took almost 6 months and 20,000 USD to provide this new version 5. But it is all done for the benefit of the clients. You will feel its greatness once you will use it. As far as the previous versions are concerned, you need not to be worried about it.You continue using those versions as we will provide the updates of those old versions.Please use version 5 for your new projects and you will get updates of Version 4 on regular basis.

We developed it so we know the weaknesses very well.Therefore we request to please cooperate with us so that we can give you something which is awesome and gorgeous.

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