Amazon Pay Payment Gateway Extension for Lifeline Donation Plugin

Amazon Pay Payment Gateway Extension for Lifeline Donation Plugin

3 Steps to Start Collecting Donations with Amazon Pay on Your Website.

1) Download Lifeline Donation Pro
2) Get This Amazon Pay Extension
3) Follow the Installation Video Tutorial

It’s that simple, literally!

Saying “I want to donate to “(your nonprofit’s name)”, means a successful, instant payment transfer to your charitable organization’s account.

Access hundreds of millions of Amazon customers to contribute to your cause through the easiest yet fully secure method – voice commerce (donate using voice).

Even if a fraction of them responds with a small contribution, it might be enough to cherish your charity projects.

Also, enable recurring donations (free built-in feature) for donors and give them the freedom to set an affordable amount and a convenient giving frequency.
To save you the trouble of integration, Amazon Pay gateway extension has been made compatible with the best donation systems and a top-rated nonprofit WordPress theme.

How It’s Different & Indispensable:

  • Voice-powered donations – the easiest, time-saving method.
  • Reach out to hundreds of millions of Amazon customers (potential donors).
  • 75% fewer clicks/inputs – A few-step procedure to enable 24/7 donations via voice.
  • Accept payments through Alexa, apps, and websites.
  • Get split, deferred, and periodic payments for your charity.
  • Global reach with credit/debit cards – from Visa/Mastercard to Diners Club to JCB.
  • Local currency supported.
  • FREE “Recurring Donations” option – No add-on needed.
  • Allow donors to set an amount and “Giving Frequency” for repeated donations.
  • Flexible fee plan – monthly plan, subscription with varied amounts/frequency, & pay per use.
  • Make full or partial refunds to donors who pay mistakenly or pay more.
  • Free, regular Amazon Pay extension updates and auto installation.
  • Premium customer care from Webinane Support Team for the extension and supported WordPress theme.

11 Ways It Can Benefit Your Nonprofit a Great Deal

While Amazon Pay makes up one of the prevailing payment trends for online transactions, it benefits the users in several different ways. Here’re just a few of them.

1. Access Hundreds of Millions of Potential Donors

There are hundreds of millions of active customers using Amazon Pay to make purchases, collect sales bills, transfer amounts, and donate.
So, using Amazon Pay payment gateway extension for your nonprofit organizations simply means you can instantly reach out to hundreds of millions of potential donors.
Out of them about 100 million are prime customers executing secure and easy online transactions in 170+ countries.
If not in millions or thousands, you might at least be able to get hundreds of donations by cashing in on this opportunity.

2. Give Each Donor Several Familiar Payment Methods Worldwide

Amazon Pay account can be instantly charged/recharged using several online payment methods of global reach.
The supported options for online account credit top-up include:
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Diners Club
  • Discover
  • JCB (The only international payment brand of Japan)

3. Collect Donations Worldwide for Your Charity in 16+ Countries

While the Amazon Pay extension allows you to collect donations from anyone in any part of the world, it also supports over a dozen countries for your NGO to base in, including:
  • The US
  • The UK
  • Switzerland
  • Sweden
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • The Netherlands
  • Luxemburg
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • Hungary
  • Germany
  • France
  • Denmark
  • Cyprus
  • Belgium
  • Austria

4. Faster & Securer – Donors Don’t Need an Account

An Amazon Pay account holder doesn’t need to create an account on your site to donate. It adds to the fastness of this method of payment transfer.
Similarly, the security level of the gateway is without loopholes and stands unchallenged.

5. Innovation in Payment Transfer

Using voice to donate makes it the easiest method for online funds transfer.
Amazon Pay gateway extension allows you to adopt voice across all stages of the donor’s journey.
You can adapt to the expectations of philanthropists by connecting to them via hundreds of millions of Alexa devices.

6. Boost Up Donations

When you offer the potential donors a trusted, convenient, and familiar experience for their contribution to your cause, they are likely to be converted into “real” and “long-term” contributors.
The clicks and user inputs during the checkout using Amazon pay gateway have been reduced by 75%.
In other words, you’re going to boost up donations for your charitable organization.

7. Get an Uninterrupted (Recurring) Donation Feed

“Recurring” is only second in importance to an online payment facility for a fundraising project.
While a “recurring” donation facility can be incorporated into your website through an add-on, Amazon Pay extension saves you both money and hassle on that account.

The “recurring” option is provided as a built-in feature in the extension.

8. Save Big on Donation Processing Costs:

There are many ways you can minimize costs related to payment processing.
For example, there are no setup costs and monthly fees for a merchant account.

9. Build Donors’ Trust Through Full/Partial Refunds:

Amazon Pay gateway extension for a WordPress nonprofit website also gives the option for making refunds.
So, you can build the trust of the donors by extending them full or partial refunds for a mistaken donation or donating more than intended.

10. Reduce the Risk of Fraud:

Detecting fraudulent transactions is a complex and time-consuming process.
Amazon Pay’s advanced fraud detection and protection technology significantly reduces the risk of bad debt.

11. Skip Integration – It’s Compatible:

Your all-powered gateway extension has been pre-integrated with an advanced donations management system – Lifeline Donations (free) – and a complete eCommerce solution.
Also, it’s fully compatible with one of the world’s best premium fundraising WordPress themes, Lifeline2.