CardCom Payment Gateway Extension For Lifeline Donation Plugin

CardCom Payment Gateway Extension For Lifeline Donation Plugin

3 Steps to Start Collecting Donations with CardCom on Your Website.

1) Download Lifeline Donation Pro
2) Get This CardCom Extension
3) Follow the Installation Video Tutorial

It takes few minutes to start collecting donations from anywhere using any credit card company.

Cardcom Extension is equipped with all the technologies for instant integration, quick reach, easier processing, top-end security, and much more.

Logically, there is no better choice than Cardcom Gateway Extension to collect donations from worldwide supporters for your Israel based NGO or nonprofit organization.

Why Should Your Nonprofit Use Cardcom Payment Gateway?

  • Supports all the credit cards in the country
  • Reaches out to donors with their preferred payment option
  • Instantly and easily connect with all the credit card companies in the country.
  • Funds settlement/crediting to your charity organization’s account within 24 hours.
  • Trusted by thousands of businesses for coverage, reliability, and excellent services.
  • Uses sophisticated tools to identify and prevent suspicious transactions.
  • Multiple clearing options – from POS and virtual terminal to telephone clearing to clearing from websites and in standing orders.
  • Powered by Cardcom’s Gold Certificate System for an efficient 24/7 transaction processing.
  • Supports SMS messages from computer to any mobile phone
  • Fully compliant with PCI DSS Level 1 standards for top-end security and theft/fraud protection.
  • Accept “Recurring Donations” with a flexible, user-defined “Giving Frequency”.
  • Lifeline Donation (free plugin) is supported.
  • 5-star customer support from the developer (an Elite Author).

Attract Donors, Boost Donations with Several Clearing Options

Several clearing options supported with Cardcom gateway extension can help you reach out to and attract more donors and boost donations.
These clearing options include:

Directly from Websites

Possibly the easiest option, clearing directly from websites enables your charity to receive donations from all over the world anytime.
It will also help you to raise the volume of your fundraising.

Regular, Periodic Clearing of Credit Cards

Cardcom Gold Certificate’s standing order system allows for the periodic (cyclical) clearing of credit cards on a monthly basis.

Telephone Clearing

Using the telephone clearing, the donors can send funds through a web page without the need for a specific device.

POS & Virtual Terminal Clearing:

Point of Sale (POS) system is one of the popular methods of making payments at stores. If you go for Gold Certificate’s virtual terminal, it smoothens and quickens donation processing.

What’re Extras from Cardcom?

In addition to serving as the best payment gateway for your Israel based NGO or charity organization, Cardcom extension brings in some extra specialties. These extras include:

Gold Certificate System

Cardcom’s Gold Certificate System – an Internet-based credit card clearing system – acts as a single powerful system for all-equipped online transaction management.
Working round the clock and seven days a week, it offers automatic control system to efficiently manage each transaction.
Gold Certificate System offers full compliance with all the credit card companies in the country.

SMS Messages from Computer to Phone:

In addition to processing donations, Cardcom also allows SMS messages from your computer to any mobile phone.

Automotive Solutions:

Cardcom’s gold certification system is implemented through Eyal Software Solutions that has been a specialist in automotive solutions for the previous three decades.

10 Things You’ll Need to Start Collecting Donations with Cardcom

1. Bank Account in Israel

To put the payment gateway extension to work, you will need a mandatory bank account in Israel.

2. Credit Card Company

You need to connect your charity organization’s bank account with a credit company that will clear and transfers the money from donors’ accounts to your business account.

3. A Clearing Company

Before you contact the credit card companies and/or sign up with them, it is recommended that you choose a clearing company.

4. A Working Nonprofit Website

Obviously, a working donations website is mandatory to integrate Cardcom gateway extension into.

5. Clearing Page

There should be a well-managed and secure clearing page on the website.

6. SSL Certificate

SSL security encryption is very important especially for the clearing page. For this, you can either buy an SSL certificate or go for a shared SSL of the Gold Certificate system from Cardcom.

7. Income Tax File

A business must be recognized by the tax authorities by income tax filing.

8. Lifeline Donation (Free) Plugin

If you use Lifeline Donation plugin – a free, developer-friendly, complete, and extendable NonProfit solution – it will save you the hassle of integration.

9. A Charity WordPress Theme

While you can use any advanced WP template, Lifeline2 is one of the world’s top-seller and best-rated WordPress themes.
This premium theme supports both Cardcom extension and Lifeline Donation plugin. So, you won’t to do any integration work.

10. Lifeline Donation Extension (Optional)

An optional plugin, Lifeline Donation significantly adds to the powers and functionalities of the Cardcom payment extension.