Paystack Payment Gateway Extension for Lifeline Donation Plugin

Paystack Payment Gateway Extension for Lifeline Donation Plugin

3 Steps to Start Collecting Donations with PayStack on Your Website.

1) Download Lifeline Donation Pro
2) Get This PayStack Extension
3) Follow the Installation Video Tutorial

It’s already powering 60,000 eCommerce projects in Nigeria.

You need the simplest, fastest, and most economical payment gateway for your charity based in Africa – the world’s poorest continent with 50% sub-Saharan population living below poverty.

Paystack gateway extension offers the lowest possible payment processing fees – as low as 1.5% per donation!

Accept everything from cards and Visa QR to bank transfers and mobile money.

And you need not do any integration – compatible world-class plugins (free) and a theme are available.

Exclusive Benefits:

  • Accept donations from anyone/anywhere in the world.
  • Simpler, faster, painless processing with a PREFERRED payment option for each donor.
  • Fee as low as 1.5%/donation – no integration/maintenance/hidden fees.
  • From cards to bank transfers and mobile money, all methods supported.
  • 100% donation success rate with direct bank integrations and intelligent routing.
  • Built-in “Recurring Donations” feature along with “Giving Frequency”.
  • Fully customizable donation form – simplify to any extent.
  • Diverse, fast, and secure payment options.
  • Automated and manual fraud protection systems.
  • Verify the identity of your donors.
  • Flat rate pricing negotiable.
  • Settlements in USD supported (against 3.6% per donation).
  • Regular Paystack extension updates and auto installation.
  • Premium Customer Support from Webinane.

    1.5% Fee on Successful Donation

Do you agree a lot of your fundraising is lost on the way even before it reaches you? Consider expenses like payment processing, exchange rates, taxes, and so on.
Paystack payment gateway extension helps you save big on expenditures involved as payment travels from the donor to your charity’s account.

Quite unbelievably, processing may cost as low as 1.5% + $0.26 (NGN 100) per donation for local transactions.

The payment gateway settles you NGN 1,970.00 for a donation worth NGN 2,000. The settlement occurs free and automatic within 24 hours.

Also, there are:

  • Volume discounts – fee cuts as donation volume mounts.
  • No hidden fees. (NGN 30 is the absolute maximum you’ll pay on a transaction of NGN 2000).
  • No maintenance or integration fees involved.


  1. The 100 NGN ($0.26) fee is waived off for local transactions under NGN 2500.
  2. The fee for local transactions is capped at NGN 2000 ($5.18), i.e. the absolute maximum in fees for a transaction of any amount.
  3. The transaction for international payments is much higher than that of the local transaction, i.e. up from 1.5% + $0.26 (NGN 100) to 3.9% + $0.26 (NGN 100).

Auto Recurring Payments

Donations automatically recur after predefined periods and for a preset amount.
The supporters of your cause can also use the ‘giving frequency’ option to set a period for recurring donations, from weekly to yearly or somewhere in between.
When you have donors making recurring payments, you can save a huge amount on marketing and divert it to your charity projects.
Meanwhile, it ensures a continuous flow of funds that constitute the lifeblood of your NGO or nonprofit organization.
With this option, you can also turn many of the ‘sometimes’ donors into ‘all-time’ contributors to your noble cause.

Each Donor with a Preferred Payment Option:

The only thing that can stop a donor from contributing to your cause is the lack of a simple, fast, preferred payment method.
Respect their choice for a convenient payment method, so they are inspired to make generous single-time or repeated donations.
The payment methods available with Paystack gateway extension benefits both the donor and the fundraising organization.
Donors can choose from the following:
  • Internationally-issued cards.
  • Mobile money and other localized payment options.
  • Internet Banking (using GTB, etc.)
  • Pay directly from a bank: Access Bank, Diamond Bank, FCMB, Fidelity Bank, Wema Bank, Zenith Bank.

No Redirects – Keep Them on Your Page:

Your donors will have a modern, beautiful, and frictionless payment experience with Paystack gateway extension.
The localized checkout support allows you to keep your donors on the page of your charity website, saving them the hassle of redirects.
On the other hand, redirects can cost your donors both time and energy.

You Need Not Do Any Integration – Here’s How:

Paystack payment gateway extension has been fully integrated into some powerful tools (WordPress theme and plugins) that are also the best on the market.

Compatible Free Plugin

Lifeline Donation free plugin, opensource WordPress plugins that are fully compatible with the gateway extension.

Compatible Nonprofit WordPress Theme

 Paystack extension has also been made compatible with Lifeline2 – a premium charity WordPress theme powering 840+ nonprofit organizations Worldwide.