Stripe Payment Gateway Extension for Lifeline Donation Plugin

Stripe Payment Gateway Extension for Lifeline Donation Plugin

3 Steps to Start Collecting Donations with Stripe on Your Website.

1) Download Lifeline Donation Pro
2) Get This Stripe Extension
3) Follow the Installation Video Tutorial

Attract more donors and boost your fundraising by providing each donor with a variety of payment options in their local currency with Stripe Payment Gateway for Lifeline Donations Plugin.

From Google Pay and Apple Pay to Alipay to credit cards, ACH, and direct bank transfers, Stripe supports a plethora of payment options.

As an extension, Stripe Payment Gateway is fully integrated into Lifeline Donations – a free, open-source, and developer-friendly online payments management system.Lifeline Donations plugin is integrated with Elementor and WP Bakery (Visual Composer) Page builders.

Key Advantages

  • “Recurring Donations” is prebuilt. No add-on is needed.
  • Integrated into free, open-source Lifeline Donations plugin.
  • No Stripe setup, monthly, or hidden fees.
  • Low payment and currency conversion charges.
  • Supports everything from Google Pay to Apple Pay, and credit cards.
  • 135+ currencies supported.
  • Robust security.
  • Complete, easy documentation.
  • Regular, automatic updates.
  • Top-rated Customer Care

Localized, On-Site Payments with Simple, Customizable Donation Forms

Your donors can complete all payment processing on your website without getting redirected to Stripe’s official website. You can further simplify it by including a few input fields in the Donation Form.

The donation form is fully customizable both for options and space.
For example, you can exclude the field for the cardholder’s name and only display the fields for the card number, date of expiry, and CVC.
You Don’t Need an Add-on for Recurring Donations – It’s Already Integrated for Free

Recurring Donations Addons Integrated

The option for philanthropists to make recurring donations is pre-built into the Webinane Stripe Payment Gateway for Lifeline Donations. So, you don’t need to buy and integrate an add-on for recurring donations.
It helps the users out in the following ways:
  • Customize donation amount and giving frequency for weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.
  • It’s easy for the donors to manage and update subscriptions.
  • Notifying the donor of the due date for the next recurring donation approaches.

You can quickly install the Stripe gateway extension on Lifeline Donations plugin.

Lifeline Donations is the world’s best donations collecting and e-commerce solution which also supports various other payment gateway extensions.
Reach Out to Donors ANYWHERE with All Payment Options & LOCAL CURRENCY:
Webinane Stripe Payment Gateway extension is a secure, fast, and economical payment gateway with global reach.So, you can collect donations from any part of the world while providing each donor with lots of options to choose from. You can also facilitate them by accepting payments in their local currency. It supports as many as 135+ currencies.
The supported payment methods include:
  • Credit Cards
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Alipay
  • ACH Payments – Direct Bank Transfer
  • Visa Card
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • JCB Card
  • Discover Card
  • Diner’s Club, etc.

Allow Donors to Directly Pay from Their Bank Account with ACH Payments:

Utilizing the ACH payment facility, you can allow the donors to give a donation payment directly from their bank account.It can also be set to “recurring” mode, so you can avoid the hassle of reminding the donor for the next payment.In this mode, this donation amount is automatically deducted from the donor’s bank account without requiring them to remember and manually do the same.


This payment option may not be working in all countries.
It also involves additional cost linked to the verification of donor’s account if you go for Plaid. Using Stripe.js for verification is a time taking process.