Stripe with iDeal Payment Gateway Extension for Lifeline Donation Plugin

Stripe with iDeal Payment Gateway Extension for Lifeline Donation Plugin

 3 Steps to Start Collecting Donations with Stripe with iDeal on Your Website.

1) Download Lifeline Donation Pro
2) Get This Stripe with iDeal Extension
3) Follow the Installation Video Tutorial

Turn your time-taking direct bank transfers into “instant”, “guaranteed”, and “cheaper” (donation) payments with iDeal.

It isn’t just the most popular online payment system in the Netherlands (>55% market share), Stripe with iDeal Gateway Extension also empowers you to reach out to donors worldwide.

Uplift fundraising by communicating to the supporter in their own tongue, local currencies, and lots of convenient payment options for EACH donor.

From iDEAL to Google Pay, Apple Pay and Alipay to credit cards, ACH, and direct bank transfers, Stripe with iDeal Extension supports a plethora of payment options.

Your all-in-one gateway is fully integrated into Lifeline Donation Plugin – free, opensource, and user-friendly eCommerce and online payment systems.

Why iDEAL for Your Charity?

The leading online payment method in the Netherlands, iDEAL is preferred for its top-end security, reliability, and ease of making transactions.
Watch the video, how iDEAL works.
Here’s why it accounts for most of the online transactions in the Netherlands:
  • 34+ countries supported (for your charity)
  • Collect donations from any part of the world (from donors)
  • A leading payment method for request-to-pay
  • Guaranteed payment with real-time confirmation
  • The account balance is instantly updated
  • Best-of-class reach to donors – they need no signup.
  • Conversion is better than credit cards.
  • No sharing of donor credentials.
  • 60 financial institutions supported – most with a worldwide presence.
  • Minimum risk of fraud and unrecognized payments
  • Direct bank (donor’s) to bank (your charity’s) transfer
  • All the major Dutch banks supported
  • 60 payment institutions supported to reach donors worldwide
  • Economize donations using a partner/acquirer (bank) with competitive pricing
The supported Dutch banks for your donors include ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, Van Lanschot, bung, Moneyou, Rabobank, RegioBank, SNS, Knab, ING, Svenska Handelsbanken, and Triodos Bank.
See below the list of all 60 financial institutions supported by iDeal gateway.

Why Stripe with iDEAL Extension?

  • Stripe with iDEAL extension makes things even simpler.
  • “Recurring Donations” is prebuilt. No add-on needed.
  • Compatible with free Lifeline Donation plugin.
  • No Stripe setup, monthly, or hidden fees.
  • Lower payment and currency conversion charges.
  • Accept everything from credit cards to Google, Apple, Alipay, & direct bank transfer.
  • 135+ currencies, 15+ languages supported.
  • Complete, easy documentation.
  • Regular, automatic updates.
  • 5-Star Customer Service

How iDeal Works:

While there is a real-time confirmation of the payment by a donor to the charity and instant balance update, here’s how iDEAL works behind the scenes:

Donor Initiates Payment

Donor starts making an online donation by selecting their preferred bank.

iDeal Message Sharing

As the donor initiates a payment, an iDEAL message is generated and shared with your charity organization’s bank (the acquirer) and the donor’s bank (the issuer).

Donor Redirected to Complete Payment

The donor is redirected to their bank to log in, complete, and confirm the prefilled payment using their familiar internet banking system.

Your Charity Receives Payment Guarantee

After the completion of the payment, the donor’s bank sends a payment guarantee to the charity organization via the acquirer bank.

Instant Balance Update

Upon completion of payment, the balance is instantly updated in your nonprofit organization’s bank account.

Local, Preferred Payment Methods & Local Currency for EACH Donor

A preferred, convenient payment method not only facilitates an existing supporter but also helps you add more contributors to your cause.
Your fundraising gets a big uplift even if each new donor makes a small contribution.
Stripe with iDEAL Payment Gateway extension allows your charity to collect donations from any part of the world while providing each donor with lots of payment methods to choose from.
 Also, facilitate them with payments in their local currency. It supports as many as 135+ currencies.
The supported payment methods include:
  • iDEAL (12+ Dutch banks and 60 international financial institutions)
  • Credit Cards
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Alipay
  • ACH Payments – Direct Bank Transfer
  • Visa Card
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • JCB Card
  • Discover Card
  • Diner’s Club, etc.

 Even Outside the Netherlands, Allow Donors to Make Direct Bank Transfers:

The ACH payment facility from Stripe allows the donors to make single or recurring donations directly from their bank account.


The ACH payment method might not work in all countries.
It also involves additional costs linked to the verification of a donor’s account using Plaid.
Alternatively, Stripe.js for verification is a time taking process.
Anyhow, various other payment options are offered against low fees.

What You Need to Make Stripe with iDEAL Work:

You will need a compatible plugin and a supported theme to make the Stripe with iDEAL gateway extension (from Webinane) work.

Free Compatible Plugin

The payment gateway has been fully integrated into Lifeline Donation Plugin – a free and opensource WordPress plugin.
Lifeline Donation is a complete and developer-friendly Donation solution for all kind of NonProfit organizations.

Supported WordPress Theme

Lifeline2 is the supported premium charity WordPress theme for Stripe with iDEAL extension. It’s also one of the world’s best nonprofit themes, already powering over 840+ charity organizations.

Optional Free Lifeline Donations Extension

Lifeline Donations – compatible with both the gateway extension and WP Commerce plugin – is an advanced and comprehensive online donations management system.
It’s also available for free download.

List of 60+ Payment Institutions on iDEAL, Most Covering International Reach:

  • iDEAL License Holders for Merchant’s Bank (Acquirer):
  • Smart2Pay Global Services
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Bank Nederlandse Gemeenten
  • Adyen
  • Adyen
  • de Yolksbank
  • Rabobank
  • NWB Bank
  • ING
  • Buckaroo
  • BNP Paribas

Certificate Holders for iDEAL as Collecting Payment Service Providers (CPSP)

Netherlands (32)

WorldPay, Techno Design IP B.V. (trade name Mobile Money), Target Media, Spryng Payments, Sisow, Pink Tie, Payvision B.V., PaySquare, PayPro, Pay Fast Forward,, Online Payment Platform, Nocks Payments, Multisafepay, Money & Fishes B.V. (tradenames: Mr. Billie and, Mollie, Liquix, Intersolve Payments, Ingenico epayments global, Icepay, GoCredible,, European Merchant Services, Ease2Pay, CURO Payments,, Certo Escrow, CCV Holland, bung, Buckaroo, Brainpoint Betaalsysteen B.V., and Betaalgroep Nederland B.V. (tradename Multoweb en Skqcollect)

Germany (5)

BS Payone, Deutsche Handelsbank, Heidelpay, DOCOMO Digital Payment Services, and Wirecard Bank.

Belgium (4)

HiPay ME SA, Europabank, Ingenico ePayments Europe, and Unifiedpost Payments

Great Britain (3), eMerchantPay, and Stripe Payments

Luxemburg (3)

Mangopay, PayPal (Europe) (trade names Braintree and PayPal), and Six Payment Services

France (2)

HiPay and Dalenys Payments (trade name Be2bill)

Sweden (2)

Trustyly Group and Worldline

Bulgaria (1)

 iCard (MyPos)

Ireland (1)

Paysafe Payment Solutions