Theme, Plugins, and Demo Installation Services

Webinane is a highly proficient team known for its extensive experience in theme development, plugin creation, and demo installation services. Are you facing challenges in your website performance due to plugin-related and demo installation issues? We offer an adept solution through the development and customization of existing plugins for professional and smooth functionality.


Our Custom Theme, Plugins, and Demo Installation Services

1. We Install WordPress on Your Server:

Webinane provides the services of complete installation of WordPress websites on your chosen server. Every server has its requirements to make the WordPress website compatible. To make your website compatible, we associate the MySQL database and implement security measures to protect your website. Additionally, backup and data protection is also included in this process.

2. We Setup Your Selected Theme

There, we deliver the setup of the theme you have selected for your website. Whatever your website niche is, we expertly upload the activating theme files with their proper features and functionalities. Webinane especially pays attention to client's specific requirements and branding guidelines.

3. We Install The Required Plugins

Plugins are an integral part of websites that ensure your website's functionality. These plugins boost the overall performance of your website. Therefore, Webinane offers services to make your website operate at its full potential by expertly installing the required plugins, customizing settings, and managing the extension the way you want. We also customize plugins to enhance SEO performance and incorporate features like contact forms, social media, or e-commerce features. With our latest tools and skills, Webinane is open to meet your objectives.

4. We Install The Demo Content

The demo is the presentation that leaves marks on your customers if it is well-designed and properly installed. Additionally, Installing the demo content means populating your website with pre-designed sample data to showcase how it will look and function. We install the demos and set them up to align with your requirements. The demo installation process includes creating a tempting demo layout and customizing its setting according to your theme or template. We also provide our assistance with further customization and polishing of demo online presence.

5. We Do Speed Optimization

Speed is the strategic cornerstone of website development. It reduces the website's bounce rate and increases the conversion rate. If the speed of a website is optimized, we ensure an exceptional user experience. We analyze the website and identify bottlenecks that impede speed. Whether they are unoptimized code or server problems, webinane transforms all challenges into opportunities fo improvement, user enhancement, and enhanced performance.

6. Planning & Customization:

This phase involves thorough discussions and planning with the client to understand their specific needs and preferences for the theme, plugins, or demo to be installed. During this stage, the client's unique requirements are considered, and customization options are discussed. It sets the foundation for creating a tailored solution that aligns with the client's vision.

7. Development & Integration:

Once the planning and customization stage is completed, the actual development of the chosen theme, plugins, or demo begins. This phase includes coding and implementing the elements into the client's WordPress website. The development process aims to ensure that the elements are seamlessly integrated into the website, maintaining consistency and alignment with the client's specifications.

8. Quality Assurance & Testing

Quality assurance and testing are critical steps in the installation process. This stage involves rigorous testing to evaluate the functionality, security, and compatibility of the installed elements. It ensures that the theme, plugins, or demo work flawlessly and are free from any issues that might affect performance. Thorough testing is conducted to guarantee a high-quality end product.

9. Efficient Deployment & Support

Once the theme, plugins, or demo have passed the quality checks and received client approval, the focus shifts to efficient deployment. This includes delivering the finalized elements to the client's website and ensuring a smooth launch. Additionally, this phase provides ongoing support and training to help the client navigate and use the newly installed elements effectively, making the transition as seamless as possible. Support and training are vital for the client to get the most out of the installation services.

Features of Our Custom Theme Development

Menu Building with Header & Footer

Our expert team creates a structured and visually appealing menu that is integrated into your website's header and footer.

Ensured Theme & Plugins Compatibility

We take great care to ensure that the website's theme and plugins work harmoniously. Our compatibility checks and adjusts all conflicts or disruptions.

Inter-Plugin Compatibility Ensured

Beyond theme compatibility, we make certain that all plugins installed on your website are compatible with one another.

Color and Typography Adjustment

Our design experts will fine-tune your website's color scheme and typography to create a visually appealing and consistent look.

Blog Post & Sidebar Making and Styling

Webinane not only create and style your blog posts for a polished appearance but also design and customize the sidebar to enhance UX.

Quick Delivery Within 24 Hours

We understand the importance of a fast turnaround. With our commitment, we offer quick delivery of your requested services within just 24 hours.

Clients Using Our Services

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Our Process

Consultation & Planning

First, we engage in a thorough consultation to understand your specific needs and objectives. Then, we clear plan for your project and align it with your goals and preferences.


Installation & Configuration

In this process, we install the necessary themes and plugins to set up your website. After organizing the setting, we integrate the content and foundation of your online presence.


Quality-Check & Testing

Before finalizing your website, we conduct comprehensive quality checks and testing to meet standards. This includes testing the website's functionality and overall p performance.


Final Delivery & Launch

After finalizing the complete process, we launch the website and make it accessible to your targeted audience. We finally deliver your project with fully optimized features and elements.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our website development company is flexible to provide range of WordPress theme development services. Where we are excellent in creating customized websites according to your needs. We have proficiency in every field rather its non profit charity website, business, political and personal blog we’ve got you covered. More Importantly we have a strong track record in creating exceptional WooCommerce websites that drive results.

At, our developers stand out in the worlds. Our website developer are not just website creators they are WordPress specialists who understand the platform’s intricacies. Our Web developers coding go beyond the normal coding. We deliver excellence development and customization with best client centered approach.

Webinane is the hub that is all in one solution under one roof. In the same way we pave the path the solutions. In our expertise we develop and customize every kind of website, themes, plugins, extensions and payment gateways. Moreover, we also offer a range of additional services including data entry, demo installation, and advanced 2023 SEO techniques to optimize website.

Customer’s Feedbacks


Marketing Envato Pvt Ltd

This theme is Amazing.. great quality... but all of this is surpassed by the GREAT RESPONSIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE TO ALL OUR THEME QUESTIONS!! We would definitely work with them in the future and appreciate their customer service in today's business world!! 5 STARS!!!


Electric - The WordPress Theme

Merci pour toute l'aide apportée à rendre mon site élégant et professionnel. L'assistance technique est un vrai plus. Réactivté et professionnalisme.


Deeds2 - Religion and Church WordPress Theme

It's a great theme which has the requirements of our religious site. There where a couple of minor issues since it's a new theme and I choose to build our website from scratch in the theme (no demo content). I must say that the support was outstanding, a quick response and the issues where quickly solved.


Lifeline 2 - An Ultimate Nonprofit WordPress Theme

A very good template backed by excellent customer support, very prompt and generous. You will have many more clients coming back to you for more if you would continue like this! Highly recommended. Thank you.


Dictate - Responsive Spa and Salon Theme

I like the easy custom back-end. It is easy for clients to maintain their own site after it's built, even if they know nothing about coding. Customer support is top notch and always willing to help. They will help you as much as they can within the confines of the site's design and I have personally contacted them several times for assistance.


Lifeline - 2023 NGO, Fund Raising and Charity WordPress Theme

I'm really satisfied with the customer and technical support of this theme. The developers were able to solve all my issues and also very friendly. I highly recommend this WordPress theme to all B2B businesses that are developing their websites.


Personal - Best Blog, CV and Video WordPress Theme

Best CV template. It is difficult to find a better way to highlight your experience and skills. Plus, it can be customized easily. The support was almost instant in my experience. Great Job !

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