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Dastak Responsive Multipurpose Wordpress Theme

With Dastak premium business WordPress theme, you meet the zenith of experience in multipurpose website creation. Just in seconds, you can launch an accomplished project on the popular niches, like Corporate, Business, Portfolio, Shop, Law, Interior, Dentist, Transport and Creative, etc. Choose from over two dozen Demos and install with single click!Dastakis packed with plenty of premium features, including Visual Composer, Layer Slider and Royal Slider.List ofSpecial Features is fairly long and includes advanced admin panel, professional coding and commenting, super SEO optimization, and much more…

We have bought premium WP tools and plugged them into Dastak. Just play them for fun and functionality!

DASTAK Free Plugins (Save $75)

The built-in premium WordPress plugins in this mega business WordPress theme, like Visual Composer, Layer Slider and Royal Slider, will make your web building task a lot easier. VC plugin is the easiest-to-use and most powerful page creator ever, whereas the slideshow builders are equally fresh in their appeal because of their outstanding functionalities. Let’s explore what’s even more special about them.

Visual Composer Layer Slider Royal Slider
On WordPress CMS, a page building tool is already provided but that does not give as much power and efficiency as you really need. Here is Visual Composer page builder with ‘drag & drop’ functionality and the extraordinary level of convenience both for backend and live frontend editing.It will visually guide you to create, apply, remove or arrange features on a webpage that is to be created. In addition, we have customized the default elements of Visual Composer to suit the grandeur of Dastak. There are whopping 106 beautifully managed custom elements.
Visual Composer Save $34
Layer Slider is one of the finest and most liked premium WordPress slideshow building tools.It isn’t something new, but the demand of this plugin is as fresh as ever. It has stood the test of time and won the trust of users from round the globe. With over 200 built-in slide transitions, full responsiveness, touch-enabled display on small & large screens and SEO features, it stands distinguished among the competing slideshow building tools. At the same time, working with this awesome plugin is not just easy but also a great fun.
Layer Slider Save $18
Thoughbitter rivals of Royal Slider are already there in the market, this intuitive slideshow builder has got its own worth. As is the case with other plugins featured in Dastak, Royal Slider is also being offered totally free of cost to save the users at least $23. There is touch navigation support for all versions of iOS, and also get full responsiveness on all screens. The supported post formats include HTML content, image, gallery, text, banner, video, carousel, and so on. The script modular architecture will help youoptimize it for quick loading over the internet.
Royal Slider Save $23
Complete Online Documentation

Complete online Documentation

( helping pictures & videos )

The working, usability and customization of each and every feature, shortcode and element is explained in detail with the help of pictures and videos in our comprehensive online documentation. For our clients’ further ease and facilitation, we have launched a Live Chat system on Webinane.com.

Artistic perfection and lovely design is what you meet, on the first place, in the special Dastak features.


Dastak is considered a truly modern template for businesses because of its special features that are full of energy, flexibility and life. Among other things, it is the convenient handling of the product that serves as a primary source of appeal for the users. Having everything ready to be applied, you will find the theme saving time & effort as well as a great joy to work with.

Especially Focused Portfolio Sections

Especially Focused Portfolio Sections

As modern users give primary importance to the portfolio section on their website, we have invested energy and spirit to render it uniqueness of styling and supremacy of design. The portfolio layouts are six in number, including masonry, business, creative, simple, minimal and agency.

Perfect Device Optimization

Perfect Device Optimization

Be it or any other template, responsiveness of website is a determining factor for ranking and popularity.The developers of Dastak have aligned its styling on modern parameters of device optimization, so that its margins ensure perfect adjustability.

Forum Building with bbPress

Forum Building with bbPress

Creating, editing and managing discussion forums wasn’t ever as easy, simple, and powerful as it has been rendered by bbPress, that is already a name of trust and reliability in the market. We integrated the plugin into Dastak for smooth and seamless functioning.

Unlimited Custom Options

Unlimited Custom Options

Customization is in fact a hectic and demanding task. But, we have altogether changed the scenario! You can customize anything within seconds by utilizing the unlimited number of custom options at the backend. You can also use Dastak as a modern .

Custom Form Builder

Custom Form Builder

Webinane has learned that every user has their own requirements regarding the fields and options in the contact form. We are offering a powerful and easy-to-use form builder with dozens of custom options. The same accomplishment can be found in our .

Mega Menu Builder

Mega Menu Builder

Building mega menu on your website is not that much easy. But, Mega Menu Builder plugin in Dastak really makes it so. You can create menus with custom options, title, texts & buttons in seconds. Carousel will display posts from all the custom post types in the theme.

Social Icon Builder

Social Icon Builder

For ever greater convenience of users, while they work with social icons, we are offering the unique feature of Social Icon Builder. You can easily and quickly select and apply any item from hundreds of Font Awesome Icons, and also give them a hue of your choice.

Automatic Theme and Plugin Updates

Automatic Theme and Plugin Updates

Are you fed up with all the hectic task of looking for and installing updates of the theme and plugins? From now onwards, you will be saved from that hassle, as the updates of Dastak theme and all the built-in plugins will be automatically installed on your website.

Make A Business Website in Any Language Through WPML Premium Plugin

Make A Business Website in Any Language Through WPML Premium Plugin

If your project focuses on varied audience, support for multi-language feature becomes indispensable. The easiest and best solution is to install a plugin with translation functionality. In Dastak, you can make a business website in any language through WPML premium plugin.

Impressively styled headers of Dastak are example of their own.

Unique Header Styles

Header Style 101
Header Style 202
Header Style 303
Header Style 404
Header Style 505


Beautifully Managed Default VC Elements

Default elements of Visual Composer can be of great benefit, but there might be issues of compatibility. To make thembest serve your advanced needs, we have beautified outlook and enhanced their functionality.

Beautifully Managed Default VC Elements
Sticky/Non-sticky/Transparent Headers

Sticky/Non-sticky/Transparent Headers

Make header sticky, non-sticky or transparent. Application of any of the built-in inspiring header styles, on the frontend, is a single click away. The sticky header will remain sticking to the top to make navigation extremely easy.

Boxed/Full-width Layout

Depending upon the nature of the website, you can apply either boxed or a full width layout. Boxed version will enhance the visibility of content and add to its charm and outlook by displaying a background image along the sides.

Boxed/Full-width Layout
High Flexibility

High Flexibility

Rigidity of features is a serious drawback. An epitome of unprecedented excellence, Dastak offers an extreme level of flexibility along each aspect. You can easily and quickly modify outlook, symmetry and functioning of any feature.

Unlimited Color Schemes

Apart from the predefined color schemes, Color Picker option will let you define a specific color scheme with one click. Locating Color Picker is also quite simple. Just follow the route through Theme Options on WP dashboard.

Unlimited Color Schemes
Professional, Well-commented Code

Professional, Well-commented Code

Dastak is embodiment of refined structure & function. Careful commenting will allow users to distinguish between shortcodes, tags, headings, titles and text quite easily. Minimalist coding will contribute to quick loading.

High Search Engine Visibility

Search engine visibility can be enhanced by using SEO tools that, in turn, may have issues of compatibility and economy. Don’t worry! Dastak has all the features to guarantee higher ranking of your project over the web.

High Search Engine Visibility
Advance Admin Panel

Advance Admin Panel

At the WP Admin Panel, you will find unlimited, powerful custom options thatare extremely easy to use. Different options are provided with on/off switches. Here, even installation of demo requires a single click!

Free Installation and Regular Updates

Use advance options for easy and quick installations. Moreover, Webinane Support Team will do everything free. Updates are launched on regular basis, whereupon the bugs are removed and new features introduced.

Free Installation and Regular Updates
Custom Sidebars

Custom sidebars

Sidebar option is given both for left and right of the page or you may use no sidebar. There are ready-to-use sidebar widgets that can be applied in seconds. Being responsive and flexible, these will get adjusted in any space.

Complete and Comprehensive Documentation

Documentation with pictures and videos elaborates every single detail about the theme. Ranging from change in color skins to the creation of feature-full homepage, all custom aspects have been explained in sufficient detail.

Complete and Comprehensive Documentation
22+ Homepages

22+ Homepages

Nearly two dozen homepages are not the copy of one another, but unique and sophisticated in their own right. Just make a website with Dastakized aspects without doing any type of customizations yourself.

Font Awesome Icons

Hundreds of responsive and retina ready Font Awesome icons are packed inside the theme. These are further customizable with respect to their size and appearance. We have already applied these icons at different places.

Font Awesome Icons
Google Font Families

Google Font Families

To improve the look and design of your website, you will have to give due focus to the writing style as well. Sometimes, every individual section requires different type of text styling. We are offering a full pack of Google Fonts.

Coming Soon Mode

If website is under construction, you can switch the Coming Soon Mode ‘On’. Front end will show the launching date of your website, and the customers or users of your website will be notified to visit again on the launching date.

Coming Soon Mode
Easy Localisation Through .PO/.MO File

Easy Localisation Through .PO/.MO File

Localization support is the dire need of every website owner who wants to popularize the project globally. Most of the users opt for easy localization through .PO/.MO file. It is provided as a built-in feature in Dastak.

Apply Image/Pattern On Background

A boxed layout of a webpage sounds unattractive without a background image or pattern. In Dastak premium WordPress business theme, you will find it very easy and quick to apply image/pattern on background.

Apply Image/Pattern On Background
Say Goodbye To HTML Templates, Taking Months of Hardwork to Develop a Website. We give you the easiest theme to work on the easiest framework in the world - Wordpress.
These are not just shortcodes, but packs of energy, functionality & flexibility.


  • Portfolio Listing
  • Modern Portfolios
  • Portfolios Masonary
  • Traditional Portfolios
  • Projects Carousel
  • Projects Listing
  • Contact Form
  • Modern Contact Form
  • Revolution Slider With Contact Form
  • Appointment Form
  • Get A Quote Form
  • Contact Us Style 1
  • Dastak Forms
  • FAQ's Accordions
  • Email Subscribtion Form
  • Newsletter Subscription Shortbox
  • Fun Facts Parallax
  • Featured Images Tab Carousel With Parallax
  • Our Blog
  • Blog List (Small Thumb)
  • Blog List Detailed
  • Blog Carousel
  • Blog Carousel Two
  • Download Banner
  • Contact Box Textual With Slides
  • Simple Text Parallax
  • Fancy Parallax
  • About Us Content Box With Thumb
  • Simple Content Box With Image
  • Features Parallax Box For Intro
  • About Parallax With Video
  • Event Promotional Video
  • Contact Box(Click To Open)
  • Service Accordion
  • Services List
  • Services Modern With Parallax
  • Services With Circular Thumb
  • Services With Parallax
  • Services Parallax With Company Intro
  • Services With Round Icons
  • Services With Carousel
  • About Us Carousel
  • Skills(Circular) Parallax
  • Features Parallax Mockup
  • Features Parallax Detailed
  • Features Banner Three
  • Gallery
  • Our Offices
  • Our Branches
  • Our Branches Listings
  • CEO Box
  • CEO Shortbox
  • History Listings
  • About Us Mockup
  • Our Work With Carousel
  • Projects Vertical Carousel
  • Projects Carousel Detailed
  • Clients Logos
  • Case Studies(PDF Download)
  • Case Studies Accordions
  • News
  • Recent Awnsers
  • Team Listing Detailed Info
  • Team Listing Short Info
  • Team Listing Shortbox Carousel
  • Team Listing With Parallax
  • Team Leader Style 1
  • Team Leader Style 2
  • Simple Team Members Carousel
  • Twitter Carousel With Parallax
  • Twitter Widget Box
  • Flickr Feeds
  • Testimonials List View Style
  • Parallax Testimonials With Carousel
  • Simple Testimonial Carousel
  • Testimonials Pictorial Tabs
  • Events List
  • Events Detailed
  • Events Grid Carousel
  • Single Project
  • Single Portfolio
  • Single Post
  • Post Categories List
  • Mockup
  • Services With Text
  • Products
  • Custom Product
  • Deal Carousel
  • Job Listing With Small Thumb
  • Jobs Listing Detailed
  • Job Application Form
  • Price Table
  • Fancy Price Table
  • Headings
  • Contact Info
Make a customized form withadvance options


With simple “Click and Perform” functionality, the latest Form Builder plugin by Webinane provides an opportunity to make advance forms for obtaining the user input. It is based on AJAX and also gives you the power to create and customize new fields.

Make menus bysimple, quick and inspiring DRAG & DROP feature.


Not a single hard code is required to design the Mega Menus of your choice. All theraw material and tools are provided. Use our Mega Menu Builder for creating an excellent and feature-full mega menu for your website. Also enjoy drag and drop functionality.

Be independent in choosing, personalizing and applying social icons.


Here you have aspecial Social Icons Builder to display unlimited social icons on your website. This plugin gives you full independence to choose a social icon from the long list and apply it anywhere after finishing it according to your personal taste.

Here you come by innovatively designed and wonderfully functional but totally free...


All the ready-to-use widgets in Dastak have vast possibilities for adjustability to suit the changing dimensions and frames. So, you can apply them not only in sidebars, but also in footer section and the main content area. Their application on a desired location is as easy as a single click. The input fields or other options in the widgets are also easily customizable.