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Best WordPress Theme for Courier Service with Shipment Tracking

As you’ll see shortly, there’re over half a dozen things that should be done in a workable priority order while building a courier or shipping project.

Think about the following:

What do you need most for your courier service business while starting this futuristic enterprise? Investment? Of course. What else? You would recall the thing like planning a future course of action, launching a functional and furnished website, hiring a financial expert, building a dedicated team, and so on.

All is true and relevant too. Here the main point is your online presence. From users’ point of view, what’s is vital to your online courier project is the shipment tracking system. Customers want to keep track of their valuables on the way to their loved ones or a business destination. A shipment tracking system is a prerequisite for the businesses like shipping, cargo, logistics, trucking, and a warehouse among others.

The focus of this research article is, however, to evaluate the importance of various elements for a courier website and suggest you the best WordPress theme for courier service with shipment tracking system and other vital components for your project.

Best Theme for Courier Service with Shipment Tracking System?

After a deep research, a WordPress theme was sorted out that is being used by hundreds of courier service companies. It’s Unload. And it sounds logical to call Unload premium WordPress theme one of the best, if not the best. Unload is a 5-star rated product on for its quality and working standards.

In addition to being the best WordPress theme for courier service with shipment tracking system, it seamlessly blends compactness with diversity, flexibility, and work-ability.Its real-time shipment tracking system is particularly built to perfection based on contemporary trends. It can literally cope with the grave modern challenges and brings in something truly comprehensive. In addition to dissecting it and exploring its working potentials, let’s pinpoint other ‘bests’ of Unload.

What Makes Unload Stand Out?

Selecting Unload means you’re getting a theme with all the research-based and advanced elements you would ever need to make your courier/logistics website the most comprehensive and convenient one from both the admin and user’s point of view.

Here’s what makes Unload the best WordPress theme for courier service with shipment tracking system.

It Powers 350+ Courier Companies:

The first argument in support of the claim that Unload is the best WordPress theme for courier service with shipment tracking system is that it is already powering over 200 courier companies around the world. And they are enjoying extended and flawless functionalities.

5-Star Customer Ratings & Reviews:

The hundreds of courier companies utilizing Unload for their websites have shared their experiences about the theme with highly positive reviews and full five-star ratings. It is an irrefutable proof that the theme is yielding excellent results on the practical front.

An Absolute Courier Solution with Realtime Shipment Tracking & More...

Unload offers an absolute and full-length solution for local or international courier services.While launching your courier project, you might simultaneously be launching your own shipment delivery system.Or, you might like to hire the services of internationally renowned package delivery companies like UPS, DHL, and M&P among others.

UPS is the world’s largest package delivery and logistics company and DHL is a global air-express giant. You can integrate their systems into yours to localize it.

For example, once you integrate the UPS’ real-time shipment tracking system into your own website using Unload WP theme, the clients would be enjoying the same facility on your own platform. The Realtime Online Shipment Tracking supports all such functionalities and far beyond that.

5+ Peerless Homepage Layouts with Thousands of Custom Options:

Unload has 5+ peerless, fresh and flexible homepage layout, each of which affords unlimited variations. The power from unlimited, personalized variations sprigs out from the thousands of strong custom options of Unload the best WordPress theme for courier service with shipment tracking system.

The unmatched, purpose-built layout of each homepage helps you build a niche-specific website for the projects like logistics, courier, cargo, shipping, trucking, warehouse, and transport.You can also re-engineer a layout for any other niche or project.

With these powerful options, you can reign in the energies of the theme and control each element and function from the backend.Furthermore, lots of functionalities have been controlled with on/off switches, so you can easily activate or deactivate them as and when needed with a click or a tap.

The Best Page Speed Score:

The page speed score above 85% is considered the best.If so, Unload the best WordPress theme for courier service with shipment tracking performs better than the best! That is, it scores higher than that standard.

Site or page speed optimization is something which not just earns the favour of a search engine, especially Google. But also, it is what the users are never willing to compromise for.On Google, the page speed score of Unload is above 92%. And this is not a full stop. The Webinane SEO team is vigorously pursuing the plan to give it a jump to 100% or nearer to that.

Collective, Cross-Platform Responsiveness:

Collective, cross-platform responsiveness is another demanding feature that makes Unload the best WordPress theme for courier service with shipment tracking system.In the face of the expanding scope of various devices, every individual element of the theme has been made 100% responsive.

You can easily adjust any element with edge-to-edge realignment in any available space. This renders impeccable collective responsiveness for any display and screen dimensions.

Multi-Faceted SEO:

All the aspects of SEO have been explored and worked at to maximize the search engine visibility of your courier services website. The things like compact, error-free coding, individual and collective responsiveness, over 90% page-speed score, and symmetrically arranged ultra-fresh outlook are vital to SEO.

Unload the best WordPress theme for courier service with shipment tracking system perfects the search engine optimization with all the modern tools and strategies.

Dozens of Typography Controls:

Obviously, your courier will require creative typography styles to grab more attention and stand out among the rivals. There are dozens of controls at the backend, powered by on/off switches to help you personalize the style and appearance of textual elements.

Ultra-specific Premium Plugins:

Though some may not regard them mandatory, premium plugins like Visual Composer and Layer Slider do boost up the working of a website both at the backend and frontend. Unload the best WordPress theme for courier service with shipment tracking system comes fully integrated with both the free and premium plugins.

Using the WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer), you feel well-equipped and fully confident to do all the customizations on your own and in seconds! The Layer Slider, on the other hand, gives you the freedom to create insanely beautiful sliders with desired animation and transition effects.

How the Shipment Tracking System Works:

The Unload’s easy-to-use real-time online shipment tracking system is based on AJAX framework for independent working and instant output. Using your Shipment Tracking Number, you can get time to time information about the delivery of your shipment at any place and anywhere.

It also has a “Get a Quote” functionality, so your would-be clients can calculate the shipment delivery charges based on the weight, dimensions, and destination of the parcel.This competent system is also easy to work with and self-guides the user while booking an order.

After selecting the country/state of origin/destination, you can proceed to the selection of services you want to avail. It also supports detailed information of both the sender and the recipient.

On the Admin Panel, you get the flexibility to manage orders, change the order status of a particular client, create a new personalized booking page from the available booking templates, build a new order info page, and do more.

Webinane All-in-one Services Package:

If you feel difficulty at any point from the theme installation to SEO and regular maintenance of the website, feel free to contact Webinane Customer Support Team. We can fully help you out in the areas listed below.

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